2017 Westmoreland Professional Development Workshops – Part 2

Writing With Influence for Teachers

Maneuvering Across the Landscape of PA Core Writing Utilizing Mentor Texts:
Narrative, Information, and Opinion/Argument

Dates: July 31, August 1, and August 2, 2017

Location: Westmoreland Intermediate Unit

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In this 3-day workshop for teachers of grades 2-8, learn to maneuver through the landscape and trek across the terrain of the 3 writing umbrellas of the PA Core: Narrative, Information, and Opinion/Argument. Engage in process writing utilizing the reciprocal and recursive stages of writing workshop including: collecting and rehearsing, drafting, revising, editing and celebrating. Work alongside well-known experts of the field as we study researched based methods from Lucy Calkins, Ralph Fletcher, Donald Graves and Don Murray. Reimagine your students’ writing potential as you engage in authentic writing tasks utilizing many mentor texts as models. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be a critical part of what the standards have already begun to shape in our schools: the demand for the refocus of classroom instruction on student advancement towards proficiency in writing. This is currently the third cohort of Writing with Influence.

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