About the WPWP

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Since 1982, our teacher-centered, teacher led professional development program has served teachers and students in over 50 school districts and has partnered with over 150 local schools and community organizations in its efforts to strengthen academic and public literacy. Our mission to improve the teaching of writing is sustained by our core values and our core programs. We welcome educators and students from all schools and grade levels, and we seek to form collaborative and enduring bonds with other organizations dedicated to teaching children and promoting literacy.

The best teachers of writing are the teachers who write.

Research shows writing improvement for students of Writing Project Teachers. Results of nine studies in five states demonstrate positive effects on the writing achievement of students of writing project teachers across a range of grade levels, schools,and contexts. Read more.

“…the National Writing Project inherently trusts and believes in teachers. NWP knows, and puts into practice, the profound idea that the best teacher of a teacher is an accomplished and thoughtful colleague.”

~Mark St. John, President, Inverness Research Associates

Digital Is

Over our thirty-year commitment to strengthening literacy, the Western PA Writing Project Writing Project has embraced innovative and proven pedagogies such as Writers Workshop, Writing to Learn, Writing across the Curriculum and Writing in Content Areas.  These pedagogies continue to inform many of our practices, but we also understand that modes of literacy are culturally formed and change over time.  For many of our students, communication is conveyed most vibrantly via texting, blogging, tweeting, social networking, and gaming.  As educators invested in our students’ learning, the WPWP supports teachers efforts to explore, use and think innovatively about how new media and technology can serve as a means for enhancing learning, inquiry and writing.

Our website features our efforts to promote digital literacy for teachers and students.  It also allows readers to interact with the content.


The Western Pa Writing Project is housed in Posvar Hall on the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus.

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