Professional Development

For nearly thirty years, the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project has worked successfully with thousands of teachers, students and schools. This success has come from the support of congress as well as from local school and district administrators who share our view that an educator’s professional development is ongoing.  

As documented by the Inverness Research Group’s longitudinal study of the National Writing Project and its affiliates, 95% of the teachers who participate in Writing Project events – particularly the Summer Institute for Teachers – stay within the teaching profession for their entire career and are much more likely to serve as instructional leaders in their schools and districts.  Legislators and school administrators who support teachers to attend Writing Project events make a clear investment in educational leadership.

The WPWP community includes hundreds of teachers as well as superintendents, principals, department chairs, curriculum coordinators and Intermediate Unit directors. We are a community of teachers and administrators. We encourage all interested administrators to view our web pages on school-based professional development, digital literacy initiatives and our Summer Institute for Teachers.  

Please contact the WPWP for more information. 

The WPWP is an approved provider of Act 48 Continuing Professional Education services.

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