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The Summer Institute for Teachers is a four-week intensive program for successful teachers who want to:

  • share their knowledge with colleagues

  • develop as leaders

  • become more effective teachers of writing

  • become more skilled in using writing as a learning strategy across the curriculum

  • become better writers


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Participants earn six graduate credits from the University of Pittsburgh applicable to Act 48 and Level II certification in Pennsylvania.

Open to experienced teachers and teachers at the beginning of their careers.

During the Summer Institute, participants

  • engage in varied writing activities

  • become more confident writers

  • gain insight and knowledge to help students to improve their writing.

  • experience being part of a writing community through writing response groups.

A collection of personal and professional writing by participants is published at the end of the Institute.

Each teacher chooses an inquiry topic related to their teaching practice and pursues it during the Institute through research, reflection, and writing.

Each participant prepares and conducts a professional development presentation or demonstration from their teaching practice.

The Institute provides an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their practice and on their own professional development and learning in a respectful, supportive, challenging environment.

Teachers share leadership roles and responsibilities in the Institute, working with colleagues in a community of learners.

After the Summer Institute

Upon completion of the Summer Institute, teachers become fellows of the Western Pa Writing Project and members of the  National Writing Project. All WPWP fellows are eligible to participate in ongoing professional development related to teaching, writing and educational leadership.

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