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For 40 years, the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project (WPWP) has served educators in over 50 school districts and has partnered with over 150 local schools and community organizations. We believe the best teacher of a teacher is another teacher. We believe that educators are the best agents of education reform and school improvement. Here are three reasons to support writing throughout Western Pennsylvania:  

  • Writing is a valuable and proven tool for transforming education and our world. 

  • Writing can be used for learning, healing, taking action, and making art.  

  • Writing is central to all levels of learning.  

The WPWP is committed to offering meaningful opportunities for writing, professional learning and development, and programs for teachers, schools, and communities throughout Western Pennsylvania.  

As a site of the National Writing Project (link), the WPWP is a non-profit sponsored program housed within the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education.  

We believe that teachers are the best teachers of teachers. Our four decades of service to the Western Pennsylvania region has been transformative for the teachers, students, communities, and knowledge that we have touched.  

You can support the work of the WPWP by contributing to our network as a participant, partner, or patron.  

If you are interested in participating or partnering, please email us. We look forward to talking with you and imagining paths to education equity, access, and social justice through writing.  

Email the WPWP

If you are interested in patronizing the WPWP, please share your gift here. Your tax-deductible charitable gift goes toward our impactful mission and programming. We appreciate your support!